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80th Street Aggregates
80th Street Aggregates Road, Ditch, and Lot Maintenance Services
Road Grading and Maintenance:
We offer services from simple blade over road maintenance for gravel township and service roads to comprehensive roadway maintenance. We are equipped to completely rework your road surfaces by watering, scarifying, grading, and packing roads to leave a smooth and durable surface that will withstand far more traffic than a simple blade over.  

We also offer ditch and area mowing services to complete regular maintenance requirements. for many types of properties.

Snow removal:
We have a variety of snow removal equipment large and small to fulfill residential, commercial, and municipal snow removal and ice control needs. From small urban driveways and sidewalks to industrial parking lots or roadways, we are equipped to handle your snow removal and slip sanding needs as well as snow haul out and disposal when and where necessary.