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80th Street Aggregates
80th Street Aggregates Erosion Control and Seeding Services
To prevent the erosion of topsoil on former tilled soil or reshaped landscapes, we provide seeding and erosion prevention measures to restore a healthy network of vegetation to your property. We can shape the surface to specifications; plant grasses and trees to your design, and install a wide variety of erosion prevention measures to create a lasting landscape.

Silt fencing:  We provide silt fencing services for temporary erosion protection around construction sites large or small, or for extreme weather and disaster relief efforts.

Seeding and mulching:  The best way to prevent wind and water erosion on most surfaces is by creating an even and healthy blanket of vegetation over the surface. Once the surface is shaped, we sow any mixture of lawn or prairie grasses desired. We can also install rows of tree saplings. Once the planting is done, most areas will be straw mulched, the most economical way to prevent erosion on the majority of surfaces while the grass grows. 

Slopes:  In areas with steep slopes or high water flow, straw mulch, may not be enough. In such cases, erosion blankets, mats, logs, and geotextile fabrics may be required. We install every type and category of these products precisely to specifications, all to ensure that your soil remains in place while the vegetation takes root and grows.

Ditch checks:  When a project calls for them, we are equipped to instal ditch checks, of biological, aggregate, or synthetic composition to meet any project’s specifications.

Rip rap:  Whether your project calls for stones a few inches in diameter or a few feet, we can supply and place them for almost any application.

Flowing water:  River, creek, and stream beds present their own challenges for erosion control. We can install bio, aggregate, and synthetic materials to stop the erosion of banks, and redirect the flow of water to minimise the impact on the affected bank.

Silt fencing before site excavation
Installing a bio-erosion control system in an eroding creek bank for the Hawk Creek Watershed Project and the Soil Conservation Service.

Bottom right, the completed project.